Metal Horse MH Marine engine oil additives are designed to protect and enhance the performance of four-stroke ‘trunk piston’ engines and two-stroke ‘cross-head’ engines working in the toughest conditions.

Trunk piston engines are the mainstay of light to medium weight ocean-going vessels while cross-head engines are much larger and are used in cargo vessels, container ships and supertankers.

MH marine oil additives are based on advanced technology that offers cost-effective solutions to give high Performance on Water.

MH demonstrate outstanding performance under severe conditions while offering base stock flexibility. Our extensive knowledge base and close collaborative work enables us to provide tailor-made solutions for our customers, enabling them to take future challenges in your stride.

Trust Metal Horse MH marine engine oil products to give you more time on the water.

Our Marine Oils Available in two types of brand names

MH Marinol Turbo

MH Marinol Turbo Plus