Engine Oil- Four Wheeler’s – Diesel Engine

MH Quazar 10W-40

METAL HORSE MH Quazar 10W-40 is fully synthetic, superior performance engine oil and meets high performance level it is recommended for new generation  diesel engines. It is also recommended for certain compressor engines.

MH Quazar 15W-40

METAL HORSE MH Quazar 15W-40 these oils provide better deposit control, discrepancy and control on oil thickening. They are recommended for new generation cars and provide better performance in earlier models also. These oils are catalytic converter compatible.

MH Quazar 20W-40

METAL HORSE MH Quazar 20W-40 is premium quality engine oil for the new generation Diesel vehicles. The oil meets high performance level for gasoline, and demonstrates excellent sludge control and extra wear protection at high temperatures. It ensures outstanding overall engine cleanliness thus providing long engine life gives better mileage and is catalytic converter compatible.

Engine Oil- Four Wheeler’s-Petrol Engine

MH Nafto 10w-40

 Metal horse MH Nafto 10W-40 is high performance engine oil based on synthetic technology and offering high performance It is recommended for new generation gasoline cars and SUV’s.

MH Nafto 15w-40

Metal horse MH Nafto 15W-40 is superior Oil.The new generation engine oil designed to provide improved oxidation resistance, excellent sludge control, outstanding engine cleanliness, better wear protection and superior energy efficiency.

MH Nafto 20w-40

Metal horse MH Nafto 20W-40 is for use in service typical of gasoline engines in present and earlier models of passenger cars, sport utility vehicles and vans. These oils provide superior deposit control, dispersancy; wear control and lower oil consumption besides outstanding low temperature pump ability.