Oils manufactured by MH Oil are being tested in the machinery working in arctic freeze, sweltering heat of the desert, up in the air and out, in the vastness of oceans. Our products provide perfect protection to all critical components: engines and turbines, pumps and compressors, powerful actuators enlivening enormous arms of cranes and excavators.

Hydraulic oil L-HM 32-150

Multi-purpose, high-quality oil to hydraulic drive systems and hydraulic control when perfect anti-wear qualities are required. It is destined for the underground machinery and equipment (approved of by Central Mining Institute), approved for use in hydraulic system of loader

  • provides adequate protection of lubricated surfaces
  • has high anti-foaming qualities
  • provides sufficient air emission
  • has very good de-emulsifying qualities
  • provides hydrolytic stability
  • provides high filterability
  • maintains the lubricating systems clean
  • prolongs the durability of hydraulic system elements


GERAX TKD hydraulic/transmission oils are used for lubrication of hydraulic systems and mechanical transmissions.GERAX TKD hydraulic/transmission oils are manufactured from deeply refined, deparaffinized and hydro-refined mineral oils obtained from processing of crude oil. The oils contain a carefully selected set of anti-corrosive, anti-oxidizing and wear-preventive additives. GERAX TKD oil is intended for use in gearboxes, power transmission systems and hydraulic systems of tractors and loaders, and it cannot be used as an engine oil.


  • optimal protection of surfaces of lubricated parts
  • excellent anti-foaming properties
  • good air emission
  • very good demulsifying properties
  • hydrolytic stability
  • excellent filtering
  • cleanliness of lubricating system
  • good anti-wear protection and extended durability of lubricated systems  parts


Product Description- composition; high refined mineral oil, fatty acids lithium soaps and additives contains an additive package providing high oxidation protection as well as excellent lubricating and antiwear properties.

  • meets requirements of defensive standards for multifunctional automotive grease resistant to water.
  • grease of green colour.


  • lubrication of rolling bearings and slide bearings;
  • chassis elements, articulated joints,  medium loaded low speed gears;


  • reduction of wear and friction;
  • protection against corrosion;
  • application in service stations and for everyday use;
  • working temperatures range -30 oC to 140 oC
  • for friction nodes requiring grease resistant to washing out with hot and cold water.